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Foods Coloring Book for adults order book online
Foods Coloring Book for Adults - Order Book Online
In today's hectic world, finding ways to relax is crucial. While meditation and yoga are popular choices, there's a creative and therapeutic activity making a comeback: coloring. Introducing the *Foods Coloring Book for Adults*β€”a delightful fusion of...
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makeup coloring book for adults
Introducing Our Makeup, Nails & Fashion Coloring Book for Adults!
Looking for a creative outlet that combines your love for makeup, nails, and fashion? Look no further! We're excited to announce the launch of our latest product: the Makeup, Nails & Fashion Coloring Book for Adults.This unique coloring book is s...
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After learning all their ABCs, kids love practicing their writing skills. This helps them recognize the uppercase and lowercase letters, identify them and differentiate between other letters. Also tracing following direction, leads to independent wri...
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Reading is an important activity in developing creativity, social-emotional education or getting children to love books. Introduction to books must be done at home, of course, and then being a constant instructional activity inside the classroom. Onc...
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Do you have a child that has just finished PRE-K and getting ready to start Kindergarten? Also, you want to make sure that they keep practicing what they learned during tha past year and to stay prepared for what Kindergarten will bring?Then, make su...
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Diagraph NG worksheets printable download
Diagraph NG Worksheets for Elementary
Diagraphs can be tricky, but fun to teach. Elementary students require more attention to the learning style of each individual. Therefore, here are some worksheets that teachers and parents can use to teach diagraph NG. Tracing and writing diagraph N...
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What are sight words? How to teach sight words in kinderarten?
What are Sight Words? How to teach Sight Words?
When we talk about Literacy, the Sight Words have a very important part in the journey of becoming an accurate and fluent reader in English. Sight Words create confusion - there are parents who do not understand what are those and there are teachers ...
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Winter Literacy Worksheets Pack for Kindergarten
We all like to adapt our worksheets to seasonal features and for the upcoming winter we are going to use various sheets with amazing wintery designs. One of our teachers, has prepared an excellent Winter/Christmas English Literacy Worksheets Pack fo...
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Observing Using the Five Senses Worksheets | Science for Kindergarten
Activities Ideas to use during the Five Senses Unit in Science in Kindergarten: observing and recording observations. The following worksheets can be used all at once during the unit work or to used each month as they have different objects according...
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Observing Apples, Pumpkins, Rocks Worksheets for Kindergarten
Science is fun for kids and it's even more fun when mixing worksheet activity with sensory play. Once the fall starts, there are so many opportunities to explore using the five senses and learn more about the environment. Most of the Science Curricul...
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[Raise Parents] "What can I do to make my child love school?"
The school has already started or will start soon and the children start to be terrified by the idea that they have to go in that unpleasant environment for them.Parents have a very important role in modeling a positive image about the place where th...
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Back to School - Classroom themes ideas for teachers
Back to School: Classroom Themes and Decoration Ideas - Part 2
Part 2 of our suggestions for classroom themes and decoration ideas. If you didn't read Part 1, you can find it here. Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures. Full credit to the right owners.1. Sesame street 2. Plants/Flowers/Garden 3. Frogs/ At the po...
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Back to School- Classroom themes ideas for teachers
Back to School: Classroom Themes and Decoration Ideas - Part 1
When preparing for a new academic year, most teachers choose to adopt a different class theme and decoration for complying a school policy or simply to change the spirit for a fresh start.There is a variety of themes to choose from and for those of y...
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Parenting tips: how to safely raise children
Parenting tips - how to safely raise your children
Beware of our children! Β πŸ”΄ 1: Warn your daughter or son not to sit on anyone's lap, no matter the situation, including uncles.πŸ”΄ 2: Avoid dressing in front of your children from the age of 2.πŸ”΄ 3. Never allow an adult to refer to your child as ...
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How to teach Digraphs in Kindergarten?
How to teach Digraphs?
Worksheets for writing the diagraphs and words for each diagraphs. (check my Diagraphs Worksheets Set) or the new set of worksheets. introduce them one at a time using the H brother anchor chartJack Hartmann has some good videos.Chant a lot β€œwhat’s ...
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10 songs for kids to learn letter sounds
10 Songs for kids to learn the Alphabet and Sounds of Letters
During Kindergarten or the years after, some children take more time when they get to learn the sounds of the letters and here teachers must find any efficient way to support faster assimilation of the letters' sounds. Songs are a great method to use...
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Duties and Responsibilities of Teacher Assistant or Co-Teacher
As a homeroom teacher, we might have to get support from a teaching assistant, who is a very valuable help or, at least, this is supposed to happen. There are cases when the assistant does not know what her/his duties. I have created this document...
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Activities to keep bush a fast finisher in Kindergarten
Ideas of activities that early finishers can do in Kindergarten
Every class has that one little student who is a step ahead others in finishing his work...and then what? Well, these students need to keep directed to other activities to keep them busy so they wont disrupt the others.Here are some ides for activiti...
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"My students were able to understand the expectations of the assignment as well as communicate what they'd learned with the use of the picture cues. I love the visuals.


β€” Audrey S.

"Loved using this for my kids to review their letter through out the week and for them to practice writing their letters! "

β€” Stephanie R.

"I used this activity with my second grade English Language learners, and it was amazing. The pictures are very necessary for ESOL students and easy to complete. Thank you. "

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"Love these! They have made my literacy instruction so much easier!"

β€” Melissa T.

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