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Printable Worksheets Diagraphs Tracing, Writing for Kindergarten Gr1 Elementary

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How to use this resource:

Each worksheets includes a diagraph.

For each diagraph, students have to do multiple tasks:

•Color the letters forming the diagraph;

•Tracing the letters;

•Tracing the diagraph;

•Reading while using the index finger under the digraph.

•Coloring the images;

•Tracing the words. Reading the words.

•Completing the words with the missing letters/diagraphs.

•Reading the words after writing.

Each sheet can be printed and used as A4 worksheet or fold/cut in the middle and make a booklet.

Words included for each diagraph (for tracing/writing):

  • ai: aid, nail, rain, paint brain, snail;
  • ay: day, hay, play, clay, tray, crayon;
  • au: audio, August, bauble, dinosaur;
  • aw: paw, yawn, straw, drawers;
  • ee: eel, bee, tree, feet, sheep, teeth;
  • oo: zoo, book, foot, cook, moon, spoon;
  • ow: owl, cow, gown, down, crown, clown;
  • ng: ring, fang, song, strong;
  • qu: queen, quilt, quiet, squash;
  • ch: chair, chin, cheese, chick, teacher, lunch;
  • ck: sock, duck, clock, chick, kick, rocket;
  • sh: shoe, shop, sheep, shark, mushroom, fish;
  • th: three, thumb, think, mother, tooth;
  • ph: phone, photo, dolphin, elephant;
  • wh: wheel, white, whip, whale.

You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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