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Activities to keep bush a fast finisher in Kindergarten

Ideas of activities that early finishers can do in Kindergarten

Every class has that one little student who is a step ahead others in finishing his work...and then what? Well, these students need to keep directed to other activities to keep them busy so they wont disrupt the others.

Here are some ides for activities that early finishers can do in Kindergarten:

  • early finisher folders where you can keep letter tracing and writing in there, trace and write sentences, color by number, and color by letters

  • busy bags that contain Legos, small puzzles, play dough, beads and pipe cleaners;

  • work at lap desks, and every lap desk has laminated sheets of what they can work on when they’re done and waiting

  • have their own play dough, math cubes/counters, dry erase board, and book bags in their baskets so they can work quietly

  • Laminated pages where they can draw on one side & trace their name on the other. (Using Dry erase markers.)

  • classroom library and getting a book to look at quietly

  • write in their journal

  • practice writing numbers or sight words or work at our writing center that has monthly themed prompts

  • keep a bucket on each table. It has magazines and books for the students to share