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Duties and Responsibilities of Teacher Assistant or Co-Teacher

As a homeroom teacher, we might have to get support from a teaching assistant, who is a very valuable help or, at least, this is supposed to happen. There are cases when the assistant does not know what her/his duties. I have created this document to be handed to an eventual co-teacher or teacher assistant that will help him/her understand what responsibilities they have.

You can download FREE this document in PDF format and use it as you need.

Position Summary- Teacher Assistants assist Lead Teachers in planning and

implementing learning experiences that advance the intellectual, emotional, social, and

physical development of children within a safe, healthy learning environment.

Duties and Responsibilities-

 Assist in instructing and supervising children in classroom activities.

 Assist students with their needs; The student is priority.

 Observe children during meal time (we have a breakfast, lunch, snack); make

sure they wash their hands before every meal and that they all eat.

 As soon as the children enter the classroom, make sure they take out their

items from the bags (lunchbox, bottle, Daily Homework); Check the Daily

Homework for any messages from the parents.

 Utilize appropriate language, interactions, and positive discipline.

 Model positive behaviors for the students. Remember that children learn

from what they see.

 Use only English and encourage the children to speak in this language. (Only

during Arabic or Religion you can use Arabic language)

 Your tasks might include: grading, filing, cutting materials, passing out papers,

passing back graded work, and anything else needed to keep the classroom

clean, orderly and functioning.

 Stamping homework: I will often stamp homework each day when it is due. I

may ask you at times to stamp the homework for me, so that I may keep

the classroom moving and engaged.

 Making copies for homework booklets the day before the last day of the


 Writing in the Daily Homework when needed, but only after I give you the

model of what to write.

 Assist the children during other sessions too: Arabic, Music, Art, Religion,

Computer and make sure the still follow the rules and keep appropriate

behavior towards the other teacher.

 If an incident occurs, inform the teacher and supervision. The parent should

be informed through reception.

 Observe all the time if the any child looks sick (the young children are not able

to express when they do not feel well); if need, you have to take the child to

the doctor’s office.

 Assist students in one on one learning opportunities such as taking a supply

order to the front desk or while on a community walk.

 Never walk alone with a group students around the school; always ask

someone else near the classroom (nanny or other teacher/assistant) to help

you go from a point to another with the children,.

 Encourage students to be independent; don’t do tasks and do not help if you

consider that they can do it all alone. Model and explain how to do it and

verbally support to do it independent.

 Be on time and prepared for work each day.

 Assist with laminating, copying, printing, creating crafts and other classroom


 Leave the classroom organized and tables cleaned.

 You will be in charge to substitute the lead teacher or the other subjects

teachers if needed in case anyone is absent;

 When leaving the classroom inform the teacher in charge at the moment;

 If you are absent, make sure to inform me or the supervisor, early that

morning, if possible.

 It is NOT allowed to use the phone during working time (except your break,

emergency situations or when required to take photos of our activities);

 Be open with me about what is working or is not working for you in our

classroom. We all see different things throughout the day. Being open to

suggestions and observant will help our classroom run more smoothly.

 Have suggestions or ideas for our class? Tell me so we can put them on the

schedule if it works.

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