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Back to School- Classroom themes ideas for teachers

Back to School: Classroom Themes and Decoration Ideas - Part 1

When preparing for a new academic year, most teachers choose to adopt a different class theme and decoration for complying a school policy or simply to change the spirit for a fresh start.

There is a variety of themes to choose from and for those of you who are out of ideas, I will list below some suggestions.

Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures. Credit to the right owners.

1. On the Farm/Farmhouse/Rustic Classroom Theme Farm Class theme farm Classroom theme rustic

2. Transportation

Class theme transportation

3. Carnaval/Circus

Circus theme classroom Carnival theme circus classroom

4. Zoo/Jungle/ Safari

Classroom theme zoo Jungle Safari

5. Sports

Classroom theme sports

6. Bugs (in general or a particular - bees)

Classroom theme bugs bees

7. Nursery Rhymes

Class theme nursery Rhymes

8. Polka dots/ Black and White

Class theme polka dots

9. Bohemian/Boho or Pastel colors/Watercolor

Class theme boho pastel

10. Robots

Classroom theme robots

11. Disney (Mickey Mouse)

Classroom theme Disney Mickey Mouse

12. Superheroes

Classroom theme superheroes

13. Woodland

Class theme woodland

14. Dinosaurs World

Classroom theme dinosaurs

15. Sea/Ocean/Beach

Classroom theme sea ocean beach

Read Part 2 for more suggestions.

Leave in comments your ideas for classroom themes.