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Observing Apples, Pumpkins, Rocks Worksheets for Kindergarten


Observing Apples Pumpkin Rocks Worksheets Kindergarten

Science is fun for kids and it's even more fun when mixing worksheet activity with sensory play. Once the fall starts, there are so many opportunities to explore using the five senses and learn more about the environment.

Most of the Science Curriculums begin with Five Senses Unit and this is one of our favorite topics when it comes to being creative and having fun while learning.

Here are some of the fall/autumn related activities to do in PreK or Kindergarten:

1.Observing Apples - this is one of the very first activities to do at the beginning of the school year. Picking different apples, having various colors, sizes or more or less sweet and letting the kids explore them using their senses, it's a great start. Also letting them takes notes about what they discover and create a report about their observations, it's even more creative. Use a worksheet to help them and make it easy for students.

Observing Apples using the five senses kindergarten worksheet

2.Observing Pumpkins - another exiting activity for the month of October. Usually, teachers do this around Halloween when they can use pumpkins as classroom decorations after the carving activity during Science. An activity having a pumpkin as the main character can be very fizzy and hectic. The kids get curious about the insides until they reach the slimy strings and flesh, then they get amazed or disgusted. [I remember once, had a boy who vomited from the smell of the be aware. :) ]. Also, let them record their observations and create their report about observing the pumpkin.

Observing pumpkins using the five senses -Kindergarten Worksheets

3.Observing Rocks - which can be fun. Get a variety of rocks, all shapes, sizes, colors. Ask the children to close their eyes and let them pick and rock from a box/bag. Then ask them to create the report about their rock using their five senses. Here is a worksheet I have used to let children make their observations about rocks.

Observing Rocks Using the Five Senses Kindergarten Worksheets

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