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10 songs for kids to learn letter sounds

10 Songs for kids to learn the Alphabet and Sounds of Letters

10 songs for kids to learn letter sounds

During Kindergarten or the years after, some children take more time when they get to learn the sounds of the letters and here teachers must find any efficient way to support faster assimilation of the letters' sounds.

Songs are a great method to use when kids are struggling to memorize the sounds of letters. Therefore, beside ABC song or Jolly Phonics what else can we use in classroom or at home?

Here are 10 songs that teachers and parents can sing altogether with their children to help them learn faster their alphabet.

The Better Alphabet Song

See It Say it Sign It

Alphafriends Song

Leapfrog Letter Factory

The Phonics Dance

Who Let the Letters Out? (Dr. Jean)

Watch the Letters Get Down

Alphabet Rap (PhonicsMan)


Alphardy by Dr. Jean

What other songs did you use?