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[Raise Parents] "What can I do to make my child love school?"

The school has already started or will start soon and the children start to be terrified by the idea that they have to go in that unpleasant environment for them.

Parents have a very important role in modeling a positive image about the place where the kids spend a good part of their days.  

How can parents help children change their opinion about school:

1. Do not talk bad about the school, teachers and other students in front of your child. Kids tend to absorb whatever they hear and give more credit to what the parents say about something or someone. It's your right as parents to disagree things about the establishment, the administration or teachers, but avoid expressing any issues in front of the kids.

2. Ask your child about the activities they did at school during the day or what fun things the teachers said or showed them. Express your interest, enthusiasm and reinforce the positive aspects. 

3. Make the school a friendly place for them to be, not a place you throw them in to escape from them for few hours. Do not make the child feel like they aren't wanted at home so mommy or daddy sends them to school. This way they will see that place more as a punishment, a prison than a fun place to be. 

These are few things that parents can do to support children in their process to (re)adapt to school.