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How to teach Digraphs in Kindergarten?

How to teach Digraphs?

Diagraphs ch sh th wh ph worksheets tracing and writing for Kindergarten and grade 1

  1. Worksheets for writing the diagraphs and words for each diagraphs. (check my Diagraphs Worksheets Set) or the new set of worksheets.

  1. introduce them one at a time using the H brother anchor chart

Jack Hartmann has some good videos.

Chant a lot “what’s a digraph? What’s a digraph..2 letters 2 letters...that make 1 sound” I also use hand signals for each one...

  • SH is finger over mouth saying shhhh.
  • CH uses your hand to flash your fingers each time you say ch ch.
  • TH are two letters that don’t get a long well so we make a silly face and stick out tongues out to make the sound.
  • WH is hand close to both sides of mouth then push them out wide as you say the sound. My kiddos have did amazing with digraphs this year and are mastering most of the vowel digraphs as well...not something I see every year, but so excited!!