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ADHD Digital Planner for Adults

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Are you still in your exploratory phase of, “oh that’s why I do that!” Or, “wait, wtf that’s an adhd thing?!”

Do you have ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER and want a road map to your future?

This ADHD planner is for you if you have questions on what to do to help yourself.

It is designed to help you in managing attention fatigue using PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACH to

treat ADHD.

Kinda like a BEST FOR EVERYONE ( especially a WOMAN with ADHD ) to help you with making the hard mode of the game of life feel a lot more manageable.

This is HIGLY EFFECTIVE since it is broken into short steps with a variety bullet points on coping strategies.

IDENTIFY- LEARN – MANAGE your ADHD issues and make you face the man in mirror.

This is clear, actionable and EASY as each exercise would be helpful.

These unique templates will make you easy to see whether each exercise would be useful and how, and to adapt the steps to suit your specific needs/goals.

You will finally feel understood and not called LAZY, STUPID and WEAK MINDED like you are by others.

This planner will remind you to stay CALM, FOCUSED, MAKE PLANS, FOLLOW THROUGH with them and to organize your THOUGHTS and your life in general as this is 100% dedicated to mental strategies for dealing with the effects of ADHD.

Sounds Awesome ????? It is. Get it and Pet it….


>>>>> IN THIS Planner 660+-PAGE Sunday+ Monday Start <<<<<<

𓀙 𓀙 𓀙 Remember Stuff 𓀙 𓀙 𓀙

✅ New friend names – tracker (so you never awkwardly forget someone’s name again)

✅ D&Ms with friends – tracker

✅ ADHD tax Tracker (Help you to manage your text) – tracker

✅ Current Hyper-focus list to store all the information you deep-dive into

✅ Parcel tracker

✅ 24 hour cart list

✅ Podcasts I want to finish – tracker

✅ Books I haven’t Finished or Started – tracker

✅ Assignment due date – tracker

✅ Passwords – tracker

📝 Projects Notebook 📝

✅ 36 blank notebooks for you to keep track of your creative ideas

❤️ Healthy Habits❤️

You might enjoy this planner if:

You are crippled by ADHD, or curious if you may have ADHD.

You currently have difficulty maintaining your life and are motivated to better yourself.

You are not seeking a scientific understanding of why your brain operates the way it does.

✅The self-care assessment wheel

✅Habit visualization and habit tracking (including my unique journey mode!)

✅Habit evaluation step by step

✅Daily habit checkboxes on daily/weekly layouts

✅Limiting belief reframing

🛀Self care🛀

These trackers all link to the goals you’ve set in the previous section.

✅Mood tracker

✅Self-care routine

✅Sleep tracker

✅Screen free tracker

✅Exercise + ADHD tracker

✅Fitness Tracker

✅Notes from therapy

✅ADHD coaching session notes

✅Medical appointments trackers

✅Quarterly Medication Tracker

✅Multiple Medication tracker

🌠Domestic domination🌠

✅Chores & Cleaning

✅Cleaning List

✅Plant Health Tracker

✅Meal Tracker

✅Family Meal Planner

✅Grocery List

🦥Things To Do 🦥

✅ ADHD Daily Planner. ❤️

✅ ADHD Weekly Planner

✅ADHD Monthly Planner

✅Dopamine Task

✅Things Done in Days

✅Things Done in weekends

✅Div/Con Planning

✅Stress level Tracker

📝 Healthy habits 📝

✅Self-care Assessment Wheel

✅Habit Visualization Journal

✅Quarterly Habit Planning

✅Habit Evaluation

✅Future Projection Habit Journal Page

✅Limiting Self-Belief Re-Frame

✅ADHD Coaching Session Notes

📝 Neurology 📝

✅Don’t Think Just Do Calming Tips Cheat Sheet

✅When I feel Anxious Blank Cheat Sheet

✅Window Down Strategies

✅Fav Playlist

✅Family Meal Planner

✅Grocery List

📝 Finance & Budget Planner 📝

✅Yearly Finance Overview

✅Bank Information

✅Savings Tracker

✅Debt Payoff

✅Monthly Finance

✅Finance Tracker

✅Spend Challenge

✅Sinking Funds Tracker

📝 Focus & Doodle 📝

✅Phone Call Focus

✅The Hyper-Focus

✅Productivity Proof

✅Time Tracker


✅40+ beautiful cover options (pick your fave or rotate for novelty)

𖤐 Organizing, prioritizing and productivity 𖤐

✅Daily planner (in multiple layouts, ADHD specific)

✅Weekly planner (undated)

✅Monthly overview + Jan-Dec calendars (undated)

✅Do it with dopamine’ (multiple formats – reward-based templates for completing boring tasks)

✅Get sh*t done to do list with reward sections (weekdays & weekends)

✅Div/Con planning – to help you move from brainstorm ideation to logical action

✅Real-world priorities template (based on the Eisenhower Matrix)

✨ BONUS 1: 6600+ Digital Sticker Pack

✨ BONUS 2: Digital Covers

You will receive:

✅ 660+ page PDF digital planner file

✅ 6600+Digital stickers (png format )

✅ 100 Digital widgets

✅ 40+ Covers

✅ Sunday& Monday Start Planner

You will get a ZIP (111MB) file

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